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Creating and Fostering a Valuable

Relationship While Working with

Homeless and Transitioning Families

The Home Visitor plays a fascinating role in the lives of the families they work with. The role has no set definition, as it is different from any other relationship both the family and home visitor have with other people in their lives.  While some relationships are more “typical” and “straight-forward” with the role the HV plays, the responsibilities and expectations change dramatically when environmental issues affect how the family behaves in the relationship, specifically when the family is homeless. While there are countless factors that make the HV/family relationship “successful” or not, there are strategies to address some of the most common harmful experiences, in regards to the relationship, the HV might encounter while working with a homeless family. This presentation will discuss different thoughts on what a “successful” HV/family relationship may look like, and offer ideas to effectively address some of the harmful experiences the HV may come across, so that we may increase attendance with families and establish our role as being one part of a fulfilling, positive and consistent relationship the family has, that both the family and home visitor can benefit from.

MN Coalition for Targeted Home Visiting Resources

Presented by:

Carol Siegel and Andrea Fruetel

Downloadable Audio File

University of New Mexico's Home Visiting Articles

Short articles written to address specific issues related to home visiting. They are designed for use by home visiting managers and staff as a jumping off point for discussion and the integration of learning

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