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Keeping the baby in mind: Promoting the reflective functioning of parents in the context of home visiting

The capacity for acknowledging the baby as a separate person with her own feelings, thoughts, and intentions which influence her behavior is a foundational skill for parenting.  This capacity for ‘reflective functioning’ is necessary for taking the perspective of others and for empathy. Yet many of the parents we serve as home visitors struggle even with being able to recognize their own ‘mental states’ and link them to their actions.  This webinar will explore strategies for promoting the ‘reflective functioning’ of the parents we serve and for ourselves.

MN Coalition for Targeted Home Visiting Resources

Presented by:

Michele Fallon and Tracy Schreifels

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Short articles written to address specific issues related to home visiting. They are designed for use by home visiting managers and staff as a jumping off point for discussion and the integration of learning

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