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Legislative Committee

The objectives of the Minnesota Coalition for Family Home Visiting Legislative Committee are to update Coalition members on the policy happenings in the Minnesota and federal legislature and support and advocate for policies and legislation impacting home visiting programs and the families they work with. 

2023 Legislative Priorities

  1. Increase access and resources to family home visiting
    programs and services. Increase federal, state, and local funding for family home visiting services to improve health outcomes for families and young children. 

    Funding to promote collaborative partnerships within and across communities to meet the needs of vulnerable families will help improve direct services to families. Resources will be designated within grants to build capacity within a community to improve coordination and collaboration in support of families. Additional resources will be targeted to professional development and training needs of staff to ensure quality programming.

    Eligible entities include community health boards, tribal health agencies, nonprofit organizations and/or community partnerships that include early childhood educators operating family home visiting programs. 


  2. Medicaid reimbursement rates should set minimum reimbursement rates on PMAP contracts for home visiting services. 

    Reimbursement rates for home visits are inconsistent across health plans and communities. Minimum rates will improve access to Medicaid reimbursement and help service providers cover their costs and increase their reach to families. 


  3. Identify strategies to diversify the field of family home visiting professionals to better reflect the families they serve in Minnesota through flexible credentials or shared recruitment strategies.

  4. Support state funding for infant and early childhood mental health services and consultation to increase health and mental health outcomes of infants, toddlers and young families; and to increase knowledge among professionals, paraprofessionals working with families with infants, toddlers and young children. 

  5. Support federal and state legislation for continuous eligibility in Medicaid and CHIP programs to increase health and mental health outcomes for those who are pregnant and infants.

  6. Support paid family & medical leave to increase health, mental health outcomes and stability for those who are pregnant and their families.  

The Minnesota Coalition for Family Home Visiting Legislative Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month. Contact Laura LaCroix-Dalluhn or Cati Gómez to get involved with the Coalition’s legislative and advocacy efforts! 

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