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Resources for Home Visitors

Improve Cultural Responsiveness in your Home Visiting Program with FaCET 

The Family and Community Engagement Tools (FaCET) survey process for home visiting promotes and measures family engagement with questions that reflect the values families care most about.    


This tool was developed by Wilder Research and Betty Emarita of Development & Training, Inc. This survey process consists of a parent survey, a staff survey, and a facilitated conversation between parents and staff about the survey results. FaCET provides unique information not available in other assessments that can help you improve programs, policies, and practices—especially for low-income families and families of color.   


 You will get practical information that will:   


  • Engage families authentically.  

  • Show what families most appreciate and where improvements can be targeted.  

  • Help you understand and better use the strengths of your home visiting team.   

  • Document what you are already doing well. 

Help Me Connect

Help Me Connect is an interagency collaboration between Minnesota's Departments of Education, Health and Human Services to connect expectant families, families with young children, and those working with families, to services in their local communities that support healthy child development and family well-being. Help Me Connect’s mission is to connect families with resources that support the diverse needs of children and families across the state of Minnesota, especially those experiencing racial, economic, and geographic disparities. 


Help Me Connect includes resources and services that promote healthy prenatal and early childhood development, education, safety and well-being of children and families. It includes non-profits, for-profits (licensed by the state of Minnesota) and government agencies. 

Other Resources:

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