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The Minnesota Coalition for Family Home Visiting is excited to offer a free Unconscious Bias and Racism Training for all Family Home Visitors. This four-part training series is designed especially for our Minnesota family home visitors to provide critical information on the impacts of unconscious bias and racism on maternal and child health and focus on change management strategies for home visitors to address any unconscious biased behaviors and practices.  


Research clearly links maternal health and birth outcomes to unconscious bias and racism, and home visitors have a unique opportunity to improve health outcomes and relationships between home visitors and families during pregnancy and postpartum. Trusted relationships are a protective factor that can improve health outcomes by reducing stress and uncertainty during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum period.   


This series is offered free of charge to participants, and it is strongly encouraged for participants to commit to actively participate in all the four sessions to best understand and address any unconscious biases, behaviors, and practices.  


The purpose of these training sessions is to reduce inequities in maternal and child health outcomes that result from unconscious bias and racism and to improve connection between families and home visitors. 

The Minnesota Department of Health Family Home Visiting program offers access to and information on a variety of training and professional development opportunities and related resources.

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