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Now Updated! Minnesota's Family Home Visiting Directory



The 2023 Minnesota Home Visiting Directory was prepared by the Minnesota Coalition for Family Home Visiting and features various local public health, tribal health, nonprofit, early childhood family education, early head start, and community-based home visiting programs and organizations across the state of Minnesota.  

This is not an exhaustive list but a tool to support families and their home visitors locate and contact home visiting services, no matter where they live in Minnesota. We hope the 2023 Minnesota Home Visiting Directory improves the experience of families looking to access home visiting by making it more convenient to search for services by county or program type. This partnership is intended to help home visitors to make warm handoffs to families as they move across county lines and or graduate programs.

If you would like to add your home visiting program to the directory, or if you would like to update your entry, please fill out this form! 

2023 Legislative Session's Historic Investment in MN Families

The 2023 Legislative Session ended with the passage of the Health & Human Services budget bill that included increased funding for Family Home Visiting. With your advocacy, emails, and phone calls, Promising Practice family home visiting programs will begin receiving $2 million/year in grants, beginning in FY 2024!


MCFHV is also pleased to see the passage and ongoing funding for:

  • Community Solutions for Healthy Child Development grant program

  • Continuous Eligibility for Children to Receive Medical Assistance 

  • Investments in the Doula Workforce

    • Reimbursement Rates:

      • $100 / Prenatal or Postpartum Visit​

      • $1,400 / Labor & Birthing Services 

      • Removes language limiting the number of visits clients may receive

    • Removes the NPI supervision requirement to allow doulas to bill directly to Medicaid

  • Early Childhood Mental Health

  • Paid Family & Medical Leave

2022 MN Statute is a Legislative Win for Home Visiting 

The Coalition’s top policy priority in past years was to establish a new statute expanding on the current state-funded Evidence-Based Home Visiting programs, including up to 25% of funding toward Promising Practice and Evidence-Informed programs. This new policy, titled Home Visiting For Pregnant Women And Families With Young Children (145.87) was included in the HHS Policy bill, which passed during the regular 2021 legislative session. $33 million in funding for the home visiting program was included in the final Special Session HHS bill, with an additional $4.5 million in federal funding one-time funding.

Promising Practice & Evidence-Informed Home Visiting Models to Receive State Funding 

Minnesota statute, Home Visiting For Pregnant Women And Families With Young Children (145.87) allows for Evidence-Informed and Promising Practice home visiting models to receive funding of up to 25 percent of the state grant money appropriated for Evidence-Based family home visiting models. 


This statute defines Promising Practice models as one that “has shown improvement toward achieving positive outcomes for pregnant women or young children.” Evidence-Informed models are defined as a program that “(1) has data or evidence demonstrating effectiveness at achieving positive outcomes for pregnant women or young children; and (2) either: (i) has an active evaluation of the program; or (ii) has a plan and timeline for an active evaluation of the program to be conducted.” 


Learn more about the difference between family home visiting models and Minnesota Statute 145.87 in the Minnesota House Research Department's publication on MDH Home Visiting Programs

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