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Reflecting in Action:

Responding to difficult interactions

between parents and young children

Many home visitors are challenged by difficult interactions between parents and young children in the home. Parents scream, children may bite, home visitors may feel like getting a new job. This webinar will help home visitors prepare for and mange those difficult interactions: We will discuss strategies to help facilitate parent's understanding of their children's behaviors as well as strategies to help home visitors respond to difficult interactions in the moment. While we know that there is no one solution for every difficulty, we can reflect ON action so that reflecting IN action can become more effective.

MN Coalition for Targeted Home Visiting Resources

Presented by:

Carol Siegel and Michele Fallon

Downloadable Audio File

University of New Mexico's Home Visiting Articles

Short articles written to address specific issues related to home visiting. They are designed for use by home visiting managers and staff as a jumping off point for discussion and the integration of learning

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